Three Forks Regional Jail Report

September 06, 2023

8/29/23- 9/3/23

Mark Bush- violate probation. Wolfe Sheriff Dept.

Joshua Stokley- strangulation, unlawful imprisonment, domestic assault, possess heroin. Madison Sheriff.

Derrek Walters- possess meth, trafficking meth. Madison Sheriff.

Joseph Reed- no show court. Madison Sheriff.

Steven Knuckles- violate KY EPO. Madison Sheriff.

James Willis- no show court. Madison Sheriff.

Damien Lebourhis- assault officer, resist arrest. Madison Sheriff.

Jeremiah Brock- possess stolen items, possess meth, theft. Madison Sheriff.

Jordan Johnson- threatening, wanton endangerment. Owsley Sheriff Dept.

Dallas Alcorn- no show court. Estill Sheriff.

James Harrison- following vehicle too closely, DUI, reckless driving, possess heroin. Irvine PD

Robin Wilson- contempt court. Wolfe Sheriff.

Dawn Noland- violate probation. Irvine PD

Kristin Neal- fail to comply. Madison Sheriff.

Sarah Riddell- trafficking fentanyl. Irvine PD

Shannon Tincher- no show court. Jackson PD

Roger Mcdaniel- DUI. KSP

Douglas Roberts- possess meth. Irvine PD

Cynthia Lykins- contempt court. Montgomery Sheriff.

Bobby King- possess meth. LC Sheriff

David Stamper- possess meth. Irvine PD

James R Bowles- fleeing police on foot, wanton endangerment, no show court, fleeing police vehicle, reckless driving, carless driving, suspended license, wanton endangerment, criminal mischief. Beatty PD

Tristan Mcintosh- fail to use child restraint in vehicle, booster seat violations, suspended license. KSP