LCE Student Donates De-Choking Device to Cafeteria

September 06, 2023

On Wednesday September 6th, Lee Co. Elementary student of Ms. Ott’s second grade; Dani Thorpe, donated a De-Choker to the Elementary’s cafeteria. De-Choker is a similar device to LifeVac and has a one way valve designed to keep air from going back into the airway of a choking victim thus de-lodging whatever foods or materials a child may be choking on by suctioning/plunging it out of the throat and airway.
The device comes in three sizes; infant-toddler, child ages 3-12, and adult. LCE received the child size. The De- Choker can be used for up to two years and is manufactured and headquartered in Denver, Colorado; founded in 2011.

How Is It Used? Via

“If you or your loved one is choking, immediately have someone call 911 and, at the same time, jump into action: An adult or older child should receive five blows to their back to try to remove the foreign body, followed by five abdominal thrusts if back blows didn’t work. Repeat this cycle twice if needed. If choking continues, now’s the time to use the Dechoker. Insert the device’s tongue depressor into the person’s mouth and over the tongue, get a tight seal over their nose and mouth, and tilt their chin up to open the airway. Then quickly pull back on the Dechoker.”

Hopefully this device will never be needed but is an added piece of mind when or if choking persists on a student. The convenience and ease of use of the device makes this a perfect tool in a situation of panic and rush.